Dear everyone who loves BMW Motorrad

(I want to go here.Picture:A sticker the player gave me a gift)

Hello everyone, this is Marsha.

I quit the company that I served for 20 years and traveled Japan with BMW F 800 R. The perfect bike!

(Pilgrim in F800R)


(performance:GB 造形社さまLBクレタ社さま)

After that I worked as a freelance writer, and I wrote articles of BMW. An article by Hakuba and GStrophy female.

I have a dream

1. Challenge to Hill Climb with Hakuba 2018
2. participate in the GS trophy world competition 2019
3. Touring the world with GSA 2020 (Olympic year)

I actively participate in BMW’s event. So please,Give me a chance.I want to the “GS1200R”. I will return it every month so please provide the car body. And give me a chance to challenge my dreams.

I want to tell “MAKE LIFE A RIDE” to many people at BMW.

This year is my last chance for me.Please!

I am waiting for your love.Thank you.

-love marsha.

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