Do you know Ninja? yamatojubei 四季の森武道塾ninjadojo

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Japan’s Next Generation Ninja Learning wourld

■Ninja-dojo 四季の森忍術道場:

Ninja Dojo was in Yokohama-city.Students are unlimited from 3 years old, maximum age is 75 years old.Everyone can choose from many lessons.

■shinobi name :大和柔兵衛 jubei yamato
name :池辺政昭 masaaki ikebe

◇mastar of yamatotaido
四季の森忍術道場 塾長
大和體道 宗師

Mr.jubei has achieved his accomplishment by winning the first two ever victories at the “Iga Strike syuriken Championship “.

◇musoken bujutukai yokohama manager of the yokohama branch
無想剣武術会 横浜支部 支部長

◇jubei yamato interview (ninjack SITE)

Ladies class trial report

I was invited by a friend and I took part in a trial lesson.

Do you think that there are ninjas?

I am a Japanese, but I did not think. Until I met him.I went to the dojo, met him and changed my mind.

In the dojo, I have every nuance the spirit of “和Wa”.”Wa” is like harmony.Ninja seems not to fight. great! I decided to start with that spirit, master, kind students.I will report the content of the training so please look forward to it.

photo by Ninja-dojo 四季の森忍術道場 / marsha