Japanese culture[dondo-yaki]

I participated in fire fighting group activities at a local primary school.That’s because of the event “Dondo-yaki”.

Local residents and elementary schools are working together as part of extracurricular activities for children.

what’s ‘dondo-yaki’?

sagicho(左義長)-by wikipedia

‘dondo-yaki’ is one of the New Year events.
It is hope that there will be no illness and that disaster will not come.

I thank the amulet decorated last year and burn it.

There is a god of stone in the fire.

We bake dango and mochi with the remaining fire and eat it.



Dango is a popular food to give to God.


This time I did ”yaki-imo”.Yaki-imo means sweet potato.



Tonjiru means miso soup with pork and vegetables.



It was a cold day despite a snowfall, but a lot of elementary school students were crowded.

Turn off the fire and it is over.If you live in Japan, Won’t you join us ?